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They did a great job bought new tires off the internet and walmart refused to put them on and smitty had no problem putting them on they cleaned my wheels up real nice and the guys were great too so please take all your tire work to smitty tire service and it only cost me 10 bucks for a mount and balance.


Smitty's is great! I pulled in because I had a slow leak in my tire. They fixed it and charged a minimal fee. They were quick and friendly. I highly recommend them!


Blew a tire on Hwy 68 and was so thankful for this place! We didn’t need the 24 hour road side assistance but I’m sure the RV getting tires appreciated the fact that they had so many different tires in stock! Fair price for a used tire with quick and friendly service, exactly what we needed! Only a few miles, right off the freeway, made it easy to get back on road. Thank you!

JENNIFER N. Customer

Thank you Smitty's so much for helping our family out. They were friendly and super fast. Great prices and honest.